Sikable Announces Personal Finance Management Course


Sikable has always been the learning platform offering diverse courses to learning enthusiasts in order to enhance their skills. They have announced a new course on ‘Personal Finance Management’. The course will be 5 days long covering all the aspects of managing personal finances.

It is a certified finance course facilitated by Mr. Bibhor Kayastha. He has over 10 years of experience in the International Development and Management Consulting industries across various specialties. Mr. Kayastha has a proven track record of designing, fund-raising, and leading a number of projects successfully in the sectors of financial inclusion, enterprise development, and humanitarian assistance. He has also assisted a number of Banks and Financial Institutions for market research, project designing, product development, and promotional activities.

The course will be helpful for people to set financial goals, make their own personal budget, keeping track of finances, and increase personal financial stability. The course will start on May 25 and end on June 6. The course will start at 6:30 PM every day and will run for 1 and half hours.

For more details and to enroll yourself click here.