Sharp the Selling Skills

Grow Corp Global is organizing a 2 days online training on sales where you will get to explore the science of selling – anything, anytime to the right person. Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’. But the most effective salespeople know that listening and convincing is the most important part of their job.
This course will teach you:
  1.  The difference between the professional and the beginners in sales
  2. The 1st and MOST important rule of selling
  3. The ONLY reason you won’t like selling… and it’s not what you think
  4. How to deal with pricing
  5. How to develop a winning sales attitude
  6. How to identify your easiest sale
  7. The EXACT amount of effort for you to see success in selling
  8. The MOST successful strategy to use when a customer wants a discount

Day 1 Covers:

  • Session 01 – Motivational Note– Note on sales and sales force highlighting on why sales are very important, why salespeople need to stay motivated at all times.
  • Session 02 – Sales Training – we will learn the art of prospecting, sales communication and how to understand the psychology of people by Mr. Shaurab Lohani
  • Session 03 – Sales Tips by Nirajan Kandel (Deputy CEO – Reliance Life Insurance)
Day 02 Covers:
  • Session 01 – Sales Training: learn very important selling techniques, Selling yourself, Predicting the outcome, The power of giving, Closing the sales
  • Session 02 – Sales Tips by Impactful Public Figure.
  • Session 03 – Motivational Remarks by Guest Speaker

Detail of Training:

  • Time: August 15 – August 16
  • 20 Seats only.
  • Investment: NPR. 2499 only
  • Certificate: YES

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