Helping people settle in new cities – Saman Chahiyo


Rakshya Niraula, Manish Niraula and Khagendra Rajbanshi together came up with the idea for their Business Plan – Saman Chahiyo. All three are currently pursuing their graduation in Business Administration.

  1. How did you come up with your business idea?

We migrated to Biratnagar for academics. It was very difficult for us to settle here because we were new in this place and we were students. We had no idea where to buy our daily stuffs. So we thought of solving this problem that others faced too and  came up with the idea of Saman Chahiyo. Saman Chahiyo is an e-commerce site where customers, who are new to Biratnagar, can shop online for their household needs. The site provides various things such as the kitchen utensils, bed sheets, pillows, buckets, mugs, mattresses etc. Our aim is to collaborate with the wholesalers of Biratnagar and provide basic materials to the customers for their new accommodation. We are planning to develop a package system for the students and working people.

We will start with an online business and deliver to the people who need it and if grow well then we will also establish our physical store in future.

  1. What social problem are you trying to solve?

We are trying to help people who are new at Biratnagar by creating user friendly online store that provides all household materials. Through our service, the newly migrated people save time and money, and find a solution to the common difficulty of living in a new place. We give them easy access to the household stuffs. We also save the newcomers to the city from getting cheated by some shopkeepers.

  1. What challenges do you foresee with your business in coming future?

Our main challenge after implementing our business would be customer satisfaction. We also have to work really hard to manage and increase our customer base. Also, the wholesalers may not be ready to supply products in small quantity for us.

Further, the business is seasonal. People migrate to Biratnagar in a particular season. Thus our business runs dry temporarily in the other part of the year. The delivery of huge amount of materials will also be difficult for us in the beginning.

  1. If you win Yunus Social Business Challenge, what will you do with the seed fund?

If we win Yunus Social Business Challenge, we will use the funds firstly in marketing because we believe that business sustainability and business success truly depends on our customer growth.We will then use the seed fund in business expansion and buying kitchen appliances and cleaning materials as additional products.

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