A peek into an entrepreneur’s journey of running a start-up


Establishing and running a startup is not an easy task, especially when you are working on making a social impact through business. Every startup has heartwarming stories of struggles. Like any other startup, Aji’s has its own unique and interesting story. 

Here are some of the struggles that Lorina Sthapit faced as an entrepreneur in her journey of building an empire with the elderly. 


Listen to startup Stories and Struggles with Lorina Sthapit, founder of Aji’s products and tell us if you can relate!

Trust Issues
Despite all the talks about gender equality and equal opportunities, it is still difficult for women entrepreneurs to gain trust and credibility in the market, especially in the initial phase of starting up a company. People tend to doubt the capability of a woman entrepreneur and what she is able to do.

Gender Taboos
“Aaba bihe kahile garne ta?” is a question every female gets asked during family gatherings instead of “What are your career plans for future?”, “How is your business going”, “Tell us more about your enterprise?” as if a woman’s true goal is to get married, to settle down and to have kids. Breaking this gender taboo that society has engraved in people’s minds is a challenge that women entrepreneurs face. 

Half-Hearted Acceptance
The society has still not fully accepted the role of women as independent, strong entrepreneurs. They are simply considered to be homemakers making it difficult for not only the women entrepreneurs that we have today but also for the aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Changing “What will people say” mindset’
Millions of dreams don’t get the wings because of the fear of what people and the society we live in might say.  This has caused millions of people, not only women, to give up on their passion and dreams and do something that they are not content with. So, changing the mindset people have is another challenge that the majority of startups and startup founders face.  

An entrepreneur’s journey is not easy. There are ups and downs, but that’s what makes the triumph enticing and captivating. Especially when you are very well aware that you have been changing lives!

Bet all of us have got handmade gifts from our grandparents that are the most valuable to us. And this is what Aji’s does; they provide us with the goodies made with love from the grandparents. Not only this, Aji’s provides us the opportunity to learn the exclusive skills from the grandparents themselves like knitting, Yomari making and many more which undoubtedly all of us are willing and ready to learn. 

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Article by Trishna Shakya