Know all about Rooftop Farming with Sambat Ranabhat


What is Rooftop farming? Are there any tips and techniques I should consider while practicing Rooftop Farming? What can I grow on my Rooftop? And when? What are the management practices I should follow?What if my plants get a disease? Are there any home remedies? Are these some of the questions you keep asking yourself related to rooftop farming??

All these queries will be answered in Padhante Krishak’s upcoming episode of The Future Series on the topic “ROOFTOP FARMING”.

The speaker for the session is Mr. Sambat Ranabhat, Bsc.Ag (8th Sem), AFU, Agri-intern at PMAMP, Dailekh (Potato Zone) and Rooftop Practitioner (Pokhara).

Details of the session

Date: July 11, 2020

Time: 1 PM

Registration: Register Here

The discussion session will take place in “ZOOM” app. The link to join this discussion session will be mailed to you.

For further details feel free to contact: Awasar Ghimire (9865025606)