Rolling Nexus bringing more opportunities


Rolling Nexus has been launched to bring together employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and engagement opportunities targeting youths. They have a website with three mobile applications Rolling Nexus, Rolling Karmashil Swadesh, and Rolling Karmashil Bidesh App serving different purposes.

People seeking opportunities can visit the website to learn about the availability of jobs, tenders, projects, events, and skill development and enhancement activities. Beyond other basic employment features, it also notifies people about great learning opportunities around them. Whereas, in terms of employment it has a unique feature of connecting job-seekers with the available jobs both inside and outside Nepal. It claims to provide ample matching job opportunities to the job-seekers and outstanding candidates for the employers.

The website and mobile application are both well-equipped with Recruitment Management System with Detailed Reports and Analytics where candidates and recruiters can communicate easily.

They also have a portion dedicated for tender where you can find different tenders from the government as well as private agencies that you can apply to. The website also showcases different freelancing opportunities that are available. Along with that, they have a separate section specially dedicated to women. All in all the website houses all the opportunities making it easier for those who want to enhance themselves and their skills.

To know more, explore Rolling Nexus yourself.