Facebook Live on Relief Packages for Covid-19

Source: KFA

During catastrophes or epidemics citizens greatly rely on their government to make things fall back into place. The government in a number of countries have taken action to provide relief materials either through distribution of funds or through distribution of daily essentials. As a citizen of Nepal, we too want to know the actions taken by our government to address the situation that we are in.

KFA is hosting a Facebook live session tomorrow to give you an insights on the Relief Packages for Covid-19 and their delivery along with what we public are expecting. This session will provide in-depth analysis of the situation by two econometrists of Himalayan Capital Ltd.

The session will address the following question:

What are the expectations of the current COVID-19 situation and how has our government strategized?

Details of the session:

Date: May 15, 2020

Time: Live on Facebook at 5 pm

Send your questions or expectations here!

For more information, visit Relief Packages for Covid-19, Delivery & Expectations


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