Register yourself for Training with Trailblazer Sweta Pandey!


Register yourself for Training with Trailblazers training Session on online sales strategy for your business.

The ongoing lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a big toll on businesses that thrive on social interactions. While team is working from home and trying to make the best of the circumstance, our in-house programs like Training with Trailblazers has sure taken a hit, for instance, we had to cancel our training session two on Public Speaking. But, we are now back with a mission to provide founders of start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs with measurable, actionable and pragmatic tools to grow their business. 

Make the best of this lock-down by attending a limited, online version of Training with Trailblazers every alternate Sunday! Start with training session three on Online Sales Strategies for your Business with Trailblazer Sweta Pandey. 

What will be the key takeaway of this training session?
Join the training session on online sales strategies for your business with Trailblazer Shweta Pandey to find out when every business is shifting from brick and mortar to online retailing.

  • How you can differentiate your brand 
  • attract customers to increase your online sales

If you are a founder, work as a core team member for a start-up company, or aspire to be an entrepreneur, register yourself for this training session. You will get actionable tools on :

  1. Building customer connections, 
  2. Finding the right platform for your business
  3. Learn some valuable information on online sales, the power of packaging and creating WOW factor for your business.

    As always Training with Trailblazer will be catering to a limited number of participants (12) to make your training session meaningful and interactive.Know your Trailblazer!
    Trailblazer Sweta Pandey is an achievement-driven individual with over seven years of experience in her field. Her core competencies include Business Development, Brand Building, Client Relationship, Strategy Planning, Campaign Performance Improvement and Growth Partnership. She has formerly worked as a Conversion Head at Oyo Hotels Nepal and is currently a Growth Head at Hamro Patro. She has some insights that you would not want to miss!

    Event details:
    Trainer: Ms. Sweta Pandey  (Former Conversion Head at Oyo Hotels, Nepal & Growth Head of Hamro Patro)
    Date: 19th of April, Sunday
    Time: 2:30 PM onwards
    Location: zoom meetings
    Fee:  xxxx ( ** ???? ?? ??????? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ??????? ???? ????-????.)