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Thought for Food brings to you REFT 2020 ( Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists), a program to address another pressing crisis i.e. Food Crisis that is seen in a different part of the world and within the country as well. The COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown imposed since March 24 presents a unique challenge. The program is designed with a motive to sensitize young food technologists about their individual roles for combating food-related issues during and after COVID-19. Additionally, it can sensitize different stakeholders towards their roles to achieve SDGs amidst the global crisis after COVID-19.

It is a 5 days’ program where the young food technologists share their ideas and concepts
and those ideas will be polished through the mentorship of food technologists’ expertise. Based on pre-assigned criteria, the final 12 teams will be selected for presentation and the format of presentation, selection criteria, and documentation aspect will be addressed in the orientation session.

This program is divided into 3 parts:

1. REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge: Idea Pitching (October 1and 2)

In this phase, 12 selected team on the basis of this form will pitch/present their ideas whereas mentors/experts will guide them to make their ideas more effective and sustainable.

2. REFT Webinar (October 3 and 4)

In this phase, different national and international speakers are brought in the same platform where other participants also join and massively discuss on respective topics.

3. REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge: Finale (October 10)

The selected 12 participants will implement their ideas on the ground level within 7 days ( from October 2 to October 9). Then, all the 12 teams will present their work accomplished in between a week and achievement on the final day of the session i.e. October 10, then mentors will judge them on the basis of different criteria.

Details of the program 

Application Form: Apply Here

Idea Submission Deadline: September 25, 2020

Event Date: October 1 to October 10

Event Platform: Zoom

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If you have any queries, please write to or give a call at 9862218585, 9823304401.

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