Providing Relief during COVID-19 lockdown


Amidst times of uncertainty, there always emerge  stories of resilience  through innovation in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs  who can earn profit and create social impact through their businesses,  Sahaj Nath Khadka, owner of Around the Corner Restaurant and his initiative “Project MO: MO:” is an example of that.

Check out podcast episode with Mr. Sahaj Nath  Khadka here, where we have a discourse on the inception of Project MO: MO:  and its relief work that have supported more than 320 underprivileged people  during the lock-down due to corona virus.

Continue reading, to briefly know about the relief program.

Mr. Khadka initiated the idea of “Project Momo” with a team of 4 people and 3 volunteers. Together they are making frozen-momos  and are delivering it. The profit from selling  these mo:mo: goes to Sahaj Fund- a platform that collects donations of RS. 20 for vulnerable people. The  collected donation  is then  used to purchase basic groceries  like rice, lentils and beaten rice.

“ How about each person contributes 20 rupees? We have a large  population in Kathmandu and  very few people who need real help” – Sahaj Nath Khadka

This started on 14th April, when Mr. Khadka posted on his Facebook page- “A pleasure of eating for a cause, how about a frozen-momo? Would you buy it?” He received a very  encouraging response and there was no going back. Immediately, he started work on Project MO: MO: from his restaurant in Bansbari. Up until the recording of this podcast, the programme had helped 320 plus individuals from profits of selling momos and donation of Rs. 20 from almost 500 people

In times of COVID-19 crisis, where many  livelihood activities have halted and everyone is  facing a cash crunch, even if people want to help others in need, one has to inevitably think about themselves and their families. When there are doubts regarding having a steady source of income, it may seem daunting to  donate large sums of money but parting with Rs 20/- may not pinch the donor.

Moreover,  Mr. Khadla says, “as a young, conscious citizen of Nepal who wants to make a difference, I am also aware of the  health hazards of Covid-19 and it’s contagious nature.”  Hence, while carrying out relief work he ensures that he is following safety procedures like:  wearing masks,  gloves and PPE kit, maintaining social distancing, and disinfecting oneself by washing hands, etc.  At this point of time he is looking for assistance in  obtaining mobility passes to conduct relief works. Another challenge that he is handling comes in from criticism of people who doubt the integrity of his cause.

However, Mr. Khadka looks forward to continuing project MO: MO: during this uncertain period of lock-down. He feels highly encouraged by the blessings of the needy people and his ability to deeply connect with the people of his community.


Article by Sujana Joshi