Project MO: MO: how steamed filled dumplings is helping to raise relief funds!


#theMOMOproject is Sahaj Nath Khadka’s brainchild. I have known Sahaj from a distance for a few years now. Owner of Around The Corner restaurant chain, he is a compassionate dog lover and an involved individual who plays an active role in community development. So it doesn’t surprise me that he combined his passion for food and proactive desire to help people to bring #theMoMoproject into life. Project Momo has helped hundreds of people in Kathmandu Valley who are suffering from hunger as they are unable to afford essential food in this lockdown.

When the Federal Government of Nepal imposed nationwide lock-down, factories and businesses stopped running and the entire transportation system was halted. We knew this was coming, but none of us were prepared. Especially daily wage migrant workers of Kathmandu. Some migrant workers who could not sustain their lives in an expensive city made a long way back home. Those who stayed found it difficult to make hand to mouth.  Recognizing the ordeal of people stranded in the valley, Sahaj came up with  #theprojectMOMO, Till date through Sahaj fund, and Project Mo: Mo: Sahaj and his team have mobilized enough funds to assist 300 suffering families in Kathmandu Valley and they aspire to serve many more. They have sold 1000 plates of Mo: Mos and served basic groceries to 120 families.

Inspired by the philosophy of “Art of giving”, the project brings together a community of people to sustainably help each other.  So here is how #theprojectMOMO works, it’s simple: sale proceeding from every plate of MO:MO: goes into the purchase of staple food: dal, rice, and vegetable which is then distributed to people who are hungry and in dire need of food. The money is also utilized to buy essentials for maternal and neonatal care. Sahaj has also created a namesake “Sahaj Fund” where he urges people to contribute 20 RS.  He says, “ to do something significant we do not need to make grand gestures, even through small contributions we can all do something noble and impact lives.”  

In a way, COVID-19 Pandemic is more than just a health crisis. It speaks of the great economical and social chasm that exists in our market system. There is a lot more to know about:  Sahaj’s story, an extraordinary relief initiative that he has set up, challenges that he is facing, and hopes that he has. So, do not forget to tune into his podcast episode with that releases on: 13th of May, Wednesday! 

If you want to be a part of this initiative, you can place an order at:
aroundthecorner_resturant inbox or call at these numbers: 9843419088/9803136505. You can place a minimum order of 10 plates of Mo: Mo: for Rs. 140 a plate.The MO: MOs: are freshly made in Around the Corner restaurant and are delivered frozen to prevent any contamination. 

If you want to contribute Rs. 20 to Sahaj fund you can make:
E-sewa  transfer at 9843419088 (Sahaj Fund)
IME PAY  transfer at 9843419088
& Khalti transfer at  9843419088