Project Happiness – Gifting for a social cause


45934814_320830642080294_5591107547403649024_nAligning her love and passion for art and craft with social development, Sandhya Kandel, who is a Dental Surgeon, initiated her own venture, Project Happiness with 11 team members. Find how her venture is spreading happiness in this interview with Ms. Sandhya.

How did you come up with your Business Idea?

Although I am from science background, I always felt that one should not be limited by their academics. I have always been interested and involved in various social works. I had raised funds for the children for one of the projects I was working on and realized finding a donation is not always the solution. Hence, we started looking out for ideas that can generate income to meet the social need of the community. Being interested in art and craft, I established the idea of Project Happiness into a venture. Fortunately, we have seen more demand than we expected which has kept us motivated to continue our work.

Could you tell us more about your business?

Project Happiness is a women based venture that works on charity approach but is sustainable. We provide art and craft trainings to women who are seeking part time jobs on salary basis. Our focus is women empowerment through livelihood. We aim to promote craftsmanship and increase the trend of handmade products by making it accessible and cost effective for customers.  Our products include greeting cards, invitation cards, party props, key rings, pillows etc.

What social issues are you trying to address through your venture?

People usually buy gifts made in China as locally made gifting products are not easily accessible. So instead of spending money on those products, people can buy good quality handmade gifts made in Nepal itself. Our women crafters make greeting cards, invitation cards, party props; key rings and pillows. We also intend to provide customized gifting options for special occasions, events and celebrations.  We also try and incorporate upcycling and recycling waste materials which makes our products cost effective. Part of the income of Project Happiness goes to a charity fund.

How do you reach your customers?

We reach to our customers through direct contact from friends and families who have been very supportive of my venture.

What challenges did you face while implementing your business idea?

To be very honest, we haven’t faced much challenge till date because everyone who is involved with Project Happiness has been very supportive.

If you win Yunus Social Business Challenge, what would you do with the seed fund?

If we win this challenge, we would like to buy different kind of equipments and supplies to bring advancement in our methodology of production which we aren’t being able to afford.

Interested in knowing more about Project Happiness? You can write to them at or check them out them on their Facebook profile.