An event management company is producing PPE to help front line workers!


In a challenging and unprecedented time like now with everything locked down, it is almost impossible for some businesses and startups to do what they were doing, so adapting to the new normal has become a key.

Meraki, an event management and curation company is one of those that have come up with Meraki Medic to help the people and to get the company running. Meraki Medic is a medical unit (domain) to help or at least take preventive measures in fighting against the pandemic and keeping everybody safe. They have developed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for people working on the front end. Moreover, they have made sure that this equipment is air and waterproof and is safe for reuse after sanitation wash.

This shift from event management to PPE production has been possible through a joint collaboration with Avis Tailor (New Road) and consultation and feedback from the top doctors.

“We believe this PPE can be useful during and after the lockdown period for both health workers as well as the people working in organizations coming across the public (including the delivery personnel). Therefore, on behalf of Meraki Medics we would like to share you this information and also let you know that we are all set with taking the order”- Team Meraki

The PPE set comes with an overall with zip closure, hooked with elastic, protective visor, latex glove, shoe cover with elastic, and a surgical mask.

Any organization, health institutions looking for PPE can contact Meraki at 9801133378/ 9802062929. You can also write to them at

For more details, you can check their social media pages:

Facebook: @Meraki 

Instagram: @meraki.from.himalayas

Twitter: @meraki_corp


Adapting to the new normal has become more than important in the present time. Only the ones that can adapt to the situation can disrupt rather than getting disrupted by the pandemic!