Know about Whether the Governmental Policies Promote Entrepreneurship!


Governments in all the South Asian countries have been trying to promote entrepreneurship through various policy initiatives, from facilitation of infrastructural, financial and multiple training programs. Recently there has been a shift in the policy emphasizing on providing start up with support like incubation/acceleration and finance.

The current COVID led crisis has impacted most businesses and raise questions about policy implications for promoting entrepreneurship in the days ahead.

It is this context the Society of Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) is organizing this webinar.

  • Some of the key points of discussion will be the following:
    Policy initiatives appropriate to accelerate entrepreneurship in future;
  • Turning the crisis into an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship;
  • Lack of policies or poor implementation hampering growth in entrepreneurship; Government resources both in terms of funds and capable manpower to accelerate start ups and support growth of enterprises;
  • Pro-entrepreneurship policies taking into account the issue of equity to cover the marginalized and underrepresented community members;
  • Government’s policies to bring all the diverse ecosystem players;
  • Role of higher educational institutions to promote entrepreneurship;
  • Adequate policies and resource support adequate for the same.

The panelists for the session are Mr Suresh Prabhu and Hon’ble Dr Ram Kumar Phuyal.The session will be moderated by Professor Kavil Ramachandran.

Details of the session 

Date: June 26, 2020

Time: 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Registration: Register Here

For more information, visit Is the Policy Environment  Right to cultivate Entrepreneurship?