Our top 5 favorite Podcasts that deal with Nepali Startups scene


Hello, readers of Blincventures.com! Get more done at once, and replace that same old music playing in the background with some low key thought-provoking conversations. How?

Voila! Here is our pick for Top 5 original Nepali podcasts relating to start-ups. Plugin your headphones and engage with these hidden gems of the internet and truly Nepali original content.

1. Mero2paisa
No, you can not miss this because it demands your attention! Hosted by the founder of Red Mud Coffee and the underdog of Nepali Entrepreneurial Ecosystem the show deals with wholesome content ranging from entrepreneurship to spirituality. Do not get swayed away by its high production value because this podcast series has more to offer. With every episode, you will develop a perspective on all kinds of universal experiences from struggles to achievements. You can find the video podcast on Youtube. 


2. Startup Podcast  Nepal
Yet another podcast that you can find on Youtube. Startup Podcast talks about different challenges and opportunities that startups operating in Nepal faces. The podcast brings in diverse founders of the Nepali start-up community and also holds interesting discussions on how to manage your business finances, how to avoid failures all with the common theme of exploring and promoting entrepreneurship culture in Nepal.


3. The Doers
The-doersDo you know how we Nepali people often get this notorious reputation of all talk and no work? The doers, podcast platform on Google Podcast, is an antithesis to that. Dedicated to anyone who has not just talked the talk but also walked the walk. Guests of this podcast include educators, serial entrepreneurs, founders of startups, innovators and professionals. Here you can find experts in their individual fields sharing about their opinions and ideas on what matters to them.



4. Difr Designs
DIFR brings to you podcast related to start-ups and entrepreneurship. Their sub-post cast Sambhawana engages in long conversations with founders of sustainable start-ups, inventors and business people where they share their learnings and experiences via this platform to budding start-up community of Nepal. Find them on Youtube!



5. Nepali Entrepreneurs Show
Nepali Entrepreneurs Show is a podcast series based on start-ups, investment, marketing, content creation and everything in between! The show is hosted by Australia-based Govinda Kharel and is dedicated to all Nepali youths, content creators, investors, and entrepreneurs. The show ranges from 12-36 mins and you can listen to the host evaluating emerging start-ups of Nepal, and engaging in conversations with founders of top Nepali start-ups and having discourse on topics surrounding entrepreneurship. You can listen to them on Anchor and Spotify. 

If you have read this far, you deserve to know this!! 

Although not strictly related to entrepreneurship and startups, Ke chha ta? Boju Bajai and Random Nepali Podcast are a few highly recommended podcasts that deal with original Nepali content. You should totally give them a listen to while commuting to work, cooking, walking, running just about anything! Sometimes they will tickle your funny bones, other times they might make you contemplate certain things. Anyways you win!

Article by Shambhavi Singh.