One To Watch receives Grant of Euro 0.4 Million from FMO


One to Watch (OTW), an impact investment management company established in 2012 and based in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in Nepal and Myanmar, is receiving a grant offer of Euro 0.4 million ($438,075).

The grant is proposed by a Dutch development bank FMO to support two accelerator programs focusing on local entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in Nepal and Myanmar for capacity building and to making them investment-ready.

FMO is a Dutch entrepreneurial development bank that invests in emerging markets, supporting jobs and income generation, and improving the lives of people in those part of the world that makes the biggest difference. This is the reason why it is supporting OTW with its accelerators that improves access to finance for local entrepreneurs and generate inclusive economic growth as well as direct and indirect jobs and reducing inequalities.

To date, FMO has made a total of 871 investments across the globe from Africa to India to Ethiopia to name a few. It is not the first time FMO has invested in Nepal. In October 2019, it invested in the energy sector by providing a grant of USD 15.38 million to Nepal Water and Energy Development.

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