Office of Company Registrar Goes Digital!



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With the motive of ensuring convenience, the Office of Company Registrar goes digital from Bhadra 1, 2077, i.e August 17, 2020! Here are the rules that a newly registered company is to follow:

1) For the registration of a new company starting from 2077-05-01, the documents submitted by the company online will now be considered the official documents. 2 copies of Article of Association (PRABANDHA PATRA) and Article of Memorandum (NIYAMAWALI) will suffice to register the company.

2) All new and old companies will now have to submit all the details including annual report, audit report etc. to the office as per the Company Act, 2063, online. However, it is mandatory for the company to keep such documents in its registered office.

3) For share data registration, the company will have to get a copy of the records from the office and a scan copy needs to be kept in the office. Also, as per the Company Act, the share registration book has to be prepared by the company and if any difference is found in the details between the document with the company and the office, the concerned company will be held accountable.

4) In case of a need to update the details including the share information and scan copy of the data entry of the company, the decision of the Board of Directors is to be presented to the office.

Here is the official notice by Office of Company Registrar!

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