Now you can get local, sustainable products from Nepal’s Online Marketplace (NOMA)


The global economy has shaken and hard times are hitting everyone around the world. During these trying times, when everything seems uncertain, we need to help each other rise up again. In fact collaboration and innovation seem to be the only way out of this unprecedented crisis. Trying to help startups survive and thrive in the current situation through shared marketing and other resources is Nepal’s Online Marketplace or NOMA.

What’s NOMA?
Initiated and managed by Nochini Pvt. Ltd, NOMA is Nepal’s first ecommerce platform that showcases local and sustainable products. The sole motive of this platform is to get more visibility for all the local businesses, share resources and drive online sales. Any local business that doesn’t have a website can create a profile at NOMA and list their products. Once an order is confirmed, all you have to do is ready the product and give it to the delivery agent, whose service will also be managed by NOMA. Service charge will be 20% of the sales and payments will be cleared biweekly. All you need to do is become a partner and share details about your company and products. It’s as easy as that!


Should you join the platform?
Think about all the shared audiences that will notice your brand while visiting the site?Or how easy your work will be if delivery and payments are handled by another party? There’s absolutely nothing to lose at this point if it results in more sales and brand recognition.

Add to that, the following benefits you’ll be able to reap:

  • shared delivery costs
  • personalized ecommerce shop with zero investments
  • information sharing with other local brands
  • and who knows what other opportunities this collaboration might bring forth?

So, we’d say absolutely, go for it!

What can you do as a consumer?
Explore, share and buy if you need them!
We understand that like anyone else, you’re very careful about your expenses right now. And as a rational consumer, you should be too! But you don’t have to actually make a purchase if it’s not something you absolutely require to show your support for local businesses. The best way to do this is by sharing this information and making people aware of this platform, some of whom might make a purchase. So, it’d be awesome if you could share this post or anything regarding NOMA in your social media to help local businesses survive and thrive. 

If you want to know more about local businesses in Nepal then check them out here.

In a nutshell, NOMA is an initiative made by young entrepreneurs who after noticing their problems and realizing how other local businesses are facing the same, came up with this solution of shared resources. If you are a local business then you can sign up to become a partner here or get more information by connecting with Nochini at If you’re a consumer then, help us share about this platform with your friends and families. Would mean a LOT! 

Drop us any questions or concerns you might have regarding NOMA, we’d love to answer them!