Startups, this is how you can minimize your selling costs!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I’m sure a lot of you who’ve worked in teams, more so in amazing teams, can totally relate to this. And if you’re a startup founder reading this then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s almost always your team that makes or breaks your business. Agree? Disagree? Still figuring this out? Hmm? Let us know your thoughts on this.

Anyways, we’re about to spill some beans on how you can save effort, time and money while making sales during these times of COVID-19. And let us get straight to it- in one word its collaboration.

At times as such, you need to trust and rely on partners who are on the same boat as you. Maybe your partners can help you get information about something, connect with someone, increase your reach or even refer your products to their customers. So, how can you approach and collaborate with like minded businesses to start with? Making things simpler are the young entrepreneurs and founders of NOCHINI Pvt. Ltd. who have come up with an ecommerce platform that can be shared by other local businesses in Nepal- NOMA (short for Nepal’s Online Marketplace).


At NOMA, businesses can have their own personalized page and list all their products. Whenever an order is confirmed, the NOMA team will connect with you to dispatch the product to their delivery agent. Once the second week of the month is completed, you’ll get payments minus 20% of the sales from the NOMA team. All you need to do is create your page, list your products with good quality pictures, write product descriptions and ready your product for sale. Easy as that!

You don’t need to invest in a website!
You don’t need to look for delivery options!
You don’t need to worry about coordinating payment from customers!
All of this while your business gets more exposure as customers of other brands notice your products too.

The key to making this happen is through shared resources. Just like the website, you’ll be sharing delivery costs with other businesses which is super as long as your products get delivered safely, isn’t it? Add to that shared marketing and networking with other entrepreneurs. We think by partnering, you’ll be able to save up on a lot of costs directly related to sales and come up with wonderful projects to promote one another. 

To know more about NOMA, jump into this article and if you want to become a partner then sign up on this partner page.

Drop up a message at or connect us with directly on our Facebook here if you have any questions regarding this platform. We’d be happy to help!