Nepal Economic Forum is Organizing Circular Economy: Himalayan Experiences and Opportunities


Himalayan Circular Economy Forum is being incubated by the NEF as a platform to ideate, research, initiate policy dialogues and disseminate information relating to the circular economy and the Himalayas. This Forum will bring together firms and institutions that are working on futuristic activities that move from the traditional take-make-dispose culture. Further, it will focus on the shift towards a circular economy and contribute to paving a path towards sustainable businesses, societies, and nations. This year, the Forum is initiating the discourse on circular economy and assessing the extent to which circularity has been practiced in Bhutan, Nepal and North East India.

The following things will be discussed in the forum:

– How will the circular economy translate in the context of Bhutan, Nepal and North East India where we are facing a new dimension of waste problems and a resource-intensive lifestyle?
– What are the current and future challenges and opportunities if the businesses are to be enclosed in a loop?
– What role can governments play to create an enabling environment for circular businesses to foster?

Date: December 2, Monday
Time: 9:30 AM- 1 PM
Venue: Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur

For more information, visit Circular Economy: Himalayan Experiences and Opportunities