Neemacadmey launches its mobile app- a digital learning platform for Gen Z


28th February celebrates world digital learning day. Neema Academy and Prabhu Management marked this day by launching their online learning application as well as school management portal: Neema Academy app and eShiksha Nepal. Digital learning day 2020 and app launch event was hosted at Hotel Royal Singi. The event was graced by leading experts in the field of ICT, Data Science, and Education. 

Do you remember using Neema past papers to prepare for SLC examinations? Well, times have changed now and like all sectors, the education sector cannot escape the influence of digitalization.  Founders of Neema publication realize this and have become early movers and innovators. Imagine digital classrooms and paperless schools. That ‘s all very palpable now with  Neema Academy App. It connects students, teachers, and parents in one single platform to enable learning that is interactive, creative, and takes place beyond the periphery of classrooms. By launching their mobile app and school management software, Neema  Academy and Prabhu Management service are now pursuing to create world-class educational services here in Nepal. 

According to Chairperson of Prabhu Management Ms. Khusam Lama, Prabhu envisions to digitize schools of Nepal by enabling digital means for fee payment and attendance, from qualifying online report service, library service, transportation service, and hostel management service, to creating accounting and payroll systems. Prabhu Bank has been a key player in digitalizing the Nepali economy. They have partnered with many cooperatives to digitalize rural Nepal. “ Instead of pockets, now keep your wallet in your mobile phone.’’ is the motto that they live by.

Similarly, Neema publication has contributed largely to Nepal’s education. It wants to intensify its impact by adapting to and harnessing the power of digitalization. Through their e-learning platforms, Neema Academy aims to reach out to government schools and schools in rural areas of Nepal that do not get timely access to books. Neema Academy app facilitates two-way communication, it fosters a pragmatic and creative learning environment. Moreover, teachers get access to rich resources to present in classrooms that learners can relate to and apply in day to day life. 

Moving on, an insightful panel discussion was held on the Importance of digital learning. The panelists included Professors from leading Kathmandu University, Data Consultant of World Bank, Business Development Manager of Microsoft and Curriculum Developer and Instructor at Nepal Open University. Some of the defining key takeaways of this panel discussion were:

  1. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in education and for Nepali education to stay relevant we need to take steps to transform from lecture-based classroom pedagogy. 
  2. The major challenge for policymakers and educators lies in designing a curriculum that suits the motivational needs of the Gen-Z. Knowledge Management platform is one tool to address this challenge. 
  3. In terms of digitalization, connectivity and access to the internet, web and smart devices is not a defining issue but adaptation to tools of digitalization is a barrier that needs to be addressed. 
  4. Data is the king to make insightful decisions and to improve student/teacher performance. Where problems and challenges can be addressed before they arise by using predictive analysis. 

Lastly, the event also addressed some pressing issues of this digital age from digital well-being to cautionary awareness of digital footprints that we create. Apart from many other discussions, the stakeholders seemed to find consensus on enabling a learning environment that allows for meaningful use of information. Special attention was called out to digital auditing, digital quality assurance and psycho/physical strains of living in the digital age. 

You can download the Neema Academy App from the play store. To learn more about Neema Academy’s journey click here.