National Youth Conference


National Youth Council is planning to organize National Youth Conference on the occasion of World Youth Day 2018 between 12th to 14th August. The opening session will be inaugurated by the Hon’ble, Prime Minister or High ranking government officials, representatives of constitutional bodies, foreign missions and development partners will be invited to the inaugural session.
The following will be the focus of the thematic papers presenter by experts followed by discussions
1. Tourism, Agriculture and IT;
2. SDGs; and,
3. Provincial Plans of Action.

Criteria for Participation
1) Above 18 years and below 30 years old.
2) Involved in social activities in his/her home district and should be involved in some kind of entrepreneurship.
3)Shall not be associated to any political party.
4) Produce at least three evidences; he/she has conducted activities for social transformation.
5) In case a female participant from a district does not turn up, the opportunity shall be provided to the male participant.

An application form shall be made available to interested participants. The participants must submit the completed application along with Rs. 500 application fee by 1 July, 2018 to Nepal Youth Council via email or mailing address. For more information click here