Government unveils Nagarik App (Beta) to Provide All Services in One Single Platform!


The government has launched a new app with the motive of providing all possible public services in a single platform. The app is named “Nagarik App” which can easily be downloaded from Playstore for android users and  App Store for apple users. The app  was unveiled by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung at a press conference held on Friday.

Lately, with a small yet significant shift towards digitization, a number of government services have been gradually made available online.  However, accessing them was a bit of a hassle as different services were available on different websites, creating confusions among the public. Now addressing this, the government has launched the Beta version of Nagarik app to cover all the services in one single platform.

Services Currently Available

Currently nine different government services can be accessed through the app:

  • PAN Registration
  • Educational Documents
  • Local Government Information (Like Nagarpalika, Gaupalika)
  • Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
  • Sanchaya Kosh (Employees Provident Fund)
  • Samajik Surakshya Kosh
  • Lok Sewa
  • Company Registration
  • Passport (MRP)
  • Driving License
  • Wealth document
  • Employment

Additionally, the public can also complain about several issues or their concerns using the app. Furthermore, Minister Gurung also said that all government services will be included in this app within the next three months. He stated more than 40 of the 64 services will be available in this app. So, We can expect more services to come in the future.

Benefits if efficiently used

This app if efficiently used will no doubt put an end to the hassles faced by citizens when using government services. It is expected to help in the convenience of the people, good governance, reduction of corruption and reduction of government operating expenses. The ministry has stated that all the services provided by the local government to the citizens from the center will be provided through this app.

How to use the app?

Once downloaded you can access this app from  your mobile number registered in your name. After entering the mobile number, the app will automatically find out your name. It has been mentioned that the app can access the system of the concerned body based on the citizenship number. For instance, if an office needs your PAN details, the app can get them automatically from the revenue department system. This means you do not have to submit a photocopy of citizenship and PAN. That said, there is no need to fill or upload any details in the Citizen app. One click automatically fills out an application for the relevant government service.  

What are your thoughts on this newly launched application which the government has claimed as one of the national pride projects under the Digital Nepal Framework. Do you think it will be well received by the public?