MeroAdda is Offering Free Legal Consultation Services to the SMEs

Source: MeroAdda

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown enforced by the government, the entire business sector has been suffering and Small and medium enterprises are the ones receiving the biggest blow.

As per a survey, one-third of SMEs won’t recover and 55% won’t rehire the same workers. This clearly shows the need to help the SMEs in every way possible, they have a long road ahead.

Considering the urgency of this situation, MeroAdda has come up with free legal consultations services via phone and email  to all SMEs in Nepal. It has always been dedicated to providing affordable and efficient, one stop corporate legal solutions to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Nepal.

The SMEs can get legal advising in the following few key issues:

  • Employment Law: Hiring/Firing, Salary and compensations
  • Rental issues
  • Contract Laws: Force Majure, Contract extension/cancellations
  • Tax Laws; TDS, VAT and Income Tax
  • Compliance with Company registrar
  • Loan Payments procedure and timeline

You can call MeroAdda at 9810276473 or write to them at for the free consultation service. The free consultation service is available to the SMEs until further notice.

In addition to this, once the lockdown opens up, MeroAdda will be serving the SMEs by providing all sorts of corporate legal services at half the market price (exclusion of government fees).

For more information, visit or check out their Facebook page.

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