3 reasons why entrepreneurs should master the art of public speaking?



Having an excellent product and great vision may not be sufficient to keep your company going for the long term. You will need the support of many people along the way to sustain and scale your company. Creating this support system requires you to be out there networking and speaking about your business to a large audience.  Here are 3 reasons why you may want to sharpen your public speaking skills

1. Invitation to speak on stage: If you are part of the entrepreneurship community you may have witnessed many events that invite entrepreneurs on stage to pitch their business or share their entrepreneurial experience. These are great platforms to gather wide publicity for your own company and product without marketing budgets or efforts. Never know what kind of opportunity can come your way through your stage presence.  However, just being on stage in front of a large audience can be frightening.

2. Pitching to investors   Even if you don’t see yourself going on the stage, there is a good chance that you will be constantly pitching your business to prospective co-founders, employees, customers, and suppliers.  Charisma will play a vital role in making your product/business idea desirable to your audience. As a founder of a start-up, lack of ability to convincingly pitch your business idea can cost you success. If you see yourself raising investments from VCs then you should be definitely sharpening your articulations skills now

3. Representing your company in Conferences/Events: Your network is your net-worth is what they say in the world of entrepreneurship. One of the main responsibilities of any founder is to constantly sell his/her business and onboard people who can support their business.  Whether it is strategic partners board members or investors, entrepreneurs have to keep their A-Game ON to influence people into supporting your business. Being able to speak well gives innate confidence too.

Many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable with the thought of being in the spotlight and may think that public speaking is not for them. However, the public speaking skills not only prepare you for the stage but also for organizing your thoughts and crafting the speech for effective communications. 

Like any other skill, the art of public speaking can be learned and mastered. To register yourself for Training with Trailblazer Alfa quickly fill out this Application Form