Luniva Soaps, A Made in Nepal Personal Care Brand with Big Dreams!


“The curve of a business should always have waves, if the line is constant there is something wrong with the business” – Mr. Bijay Bhakta Manadhar, founder of Luniva Soaps.

Motivated by this saying of her father, Ms. Susmita does not hesitate to take risks in order to grow the business. Established 5 years ago, Luniva Soaps is one of the few Nepal made brands that offer high quality and chemical free herbal soaps to the market.

A couple of weeks back we connected with the now managing director of Luniva Soaps, Ms. Susmita Manadhar, who answered all of our questions eloquently.

Read on to find out about this business here.

Some products from Luniva Soaps

Can you tell us briefly about Luniva Soaps? 

Luniva was established 5 years ago by my father, Bijay Bhakta Manandhar, with the motive of providing an alternative to the imported soaps and household products. We wanted to create a brand that is not only affordable but also of high quality.  Currently, we manufacture herbal soaps along with other household cleaning products.

What is your team’s strength? 

We have a total of 8 staff at Luniva. I would say they are the backbone of our company. 

What do you consider is the main strength of your company?

The main strength of our company would be our research and development. Through the passing years we have been able to introduce products that are able to compete in both national and International market with good reviews. 

Father and Daughter duo of Luniva Soaps

What are the different products Luniva Soap is currently offering?

Luniva is currently offering herbal soap, detergent, glycerin and other household cleaning products. 

Where can customers find your products? 

Customers can find our products in supermarkets such as Bigmart. But considering the current situation, I urge customers to  get our products online from Daraz for safety purposes.

Where are the products manufactured?

All the products are manufactured in our factory which is located near Balaju.

Who are your target customers? 

We started out with the motive of catering both the domestic  and international market. But as every new company we have been catering only one market, the domestic market as of now. However after 5 years of operation, we are planning  for expansion and we will be catering the international market in the coming future. 

How do you deal with the competition?

Competition is always there. There are a lot of imported products in the market and they have been here for the longest possible  time. So, yes it was and is tough but I strongly believe that the only way to deal with competition is to provide our customers with best quality, affordable price along with consistency. And all of us at Luniva work hard to ensure this. 

What makes Luniva Soap and its products unique?

Our herbal soap I would say differentiates us. It is very special to us as we have put our souls into making this product what it is today. There is a lot of chemistry that goes into making a perfect soap. The uniqueness of our product is that it is enriched with omega 3 which aren’t found in other soaps. 

Herbal Soaps from Luniva

What are the challenges you faced while starting the company? What are the challenges you are facing now?

The main challenge was to introduce our product  to the market. It was really difficult changing the preferences of the customers. 

It is still difficult to convince people to buy Nepali products. If we put two brands together, made in Nepal and the  imported one, regardless of the same standard and quality people still prefer  buying imported products. That is the major challenge for  us as of now.

How has this journey been for you?

The journey has been a true roller coaster ride for me. There are always lots of ups and downs happening within the company. I do get frustrated at times, but I always remember my father’s saying when things get tough, “ The curve of a business should always have waves, if the line is constant there is something wrong with the business”. This has motivated me to take risks and all of us at Luniva always aim for a growing curve.

For more information about this company, check out their website here: @lunivasoap

Article by Trishna Shakya