Legal and Financial Consultancy for Startup’s and SME’s


To all the youths aspiring to be an entrepreneur, Youth Fin Economic Empowerment Initiative (YFEI) is hosting a session to provide legal-financial knowledge to the small scale young entrepreneurs of age 16-25 through a series of informative sessions from experts to make legal- financially empowered.

Why to Join?

  • To ensure to provide legal and financial consultancy to the startup or small-scale business of young people of Nepal.
  • To explore new opportunities to provide information related to financial consultancy

Key takeaways of the session:

  • Introduction and Survey on knowledge about legal and financial processes among the young entrepreneurs.
  • First Session: Discussion on the registration process of public, private or non-profit
  • Second Session: Discussion on the PAN and VAT registration of the company, its differences, and renewal process
  • Third discussion session for the interested participants on connecting entrepreneurs, startups, small-scale businesses with auditors.

Program Detail:

  • 8th-10th October 2021
  • Time: 2 hours per day (time to be decided)
  • Registration Fee: NRs 200/-

Please fill up the Registration Form to be part of the workshop by 27th September.