Making Documents Accessible for All- A Course by Learning Inclusion for FREE!!


Making Documents Accessible for All is a free online course to help you make word, excel and PowerPoint (also google docs, sheets and slides) documents usable and accessible for people with disabilities.  The course has been developed with support of Australia Awards – Disability Initiative Grant 2019. It is a full-fledged course with video lessons, text content and quiz, facilitated by Sagar Prasai.

The course is about 3 hours long and you can finish it within 2 days or a week or at max within 45 days, depending on how much time you are willing to contribute!! 

Who is Sagar Prasai?

Sagar Prasai is a techpreneur and social activist.  He is the CEO of Diverse Inclusion and the founder and creator of Learning Inclusion. Diverse Patterns is a consulting company that provides diversity and inclusion related services including digital accessibility.  “In today’s world, inclusive approach has become a significant part of anybody’s personal and professional life because human diversity exists. This Inclusive platform strengthens people with or without disability to further embody the human diversity (disability) in the design process of their planning so that no one is left behind.” says Sagar Prasai.  

What is learning Inclusion?

Learning Inclusion is an eLearning platform developed by Diverse Patterns with the aim of providing courses related to various aspects of inclusion and accessibility. It is an open and accessible platform designed by closely following the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) . This makes the  Platform disability friendly as well as usable to all users.

Features of Learning Inclusion application 

  • Accessible content in reference to Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG)
  • Contents available both in Nepali and English 
  • Text as well as video contents for easy understanding. 
  • Captions (in Nepali and English) and Nepali Sign Language in Video.
  • Relevant courses covering local and global context. 
  • The course is available forever on the platform – making it sustainable.

How do I sign up for the course?

It’s simple. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Visit 

STEP 2: Register with your email account 

STEP 3: Get an activation email from Learning Inclusion and click on the link to activate the account.

Step 4: Get account activated confirmation.

STEP 5: Login in to the website

STEP 6: Select the course and click START CLASS

And voila!! You’ve now successfully logged in into your class!

Can I be a part of Learning Inclusion as a facilitator?

YES,You can. Diverse Patterns is also looking for collaboration with various organizations to develop other courses that can be hosted in the learning platform. The course can be of any issue you are working on (of course, it should be related to development agendas in some ways). For example -any advocacy issues you are working on currently. 

“If people can collaborate with us to create training courses- then it can be beneficial to both parties. For us, the more the courses, the better will be our platform and for our collaborators, they will get a platform that is already built, already disability friendly, and already has a good user base”, mentioned Roshan Ghimere, Country Coordinator- Nepal for International Development Institute.

Hurry up and Sign up for the very first course from Nepal’s very first all accessible and inclusive e-learning platform free of cost!!