Registration Open for Nepal’s First Digital Major League Hacking, KU HackFest 2021!


Registration is now open for the first ever digital Major League Hacking (MLH) “KU HackFest 2021”!

What is KU HackFest 2021?

KU HackFest 2021 is a 48-hour long international digital hackathon being organized by the Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC). The fest will cover  over 300 students who will take part in a virtual meetup environment. In this event the participants will be bringing out innovative projects collaboratively and can also bag prizes, gifts and cash rewards. More than a competition it is also a platform for learning new skills and and expertise through collaborative engagement with the proficient coaches, trainers and mentors from all across the globe. 

This event is being organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) which is the first of its kind in Nepal. The Hackfest will also be joining the Official 2021 Hackathon Season to make it grander and inclusive for every tech enthusiast to take part in. The main aim of the event is to enhance collaboration and networking for bringing out innovative ideas is Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and market solutions. 

The participants will get the opportunities to learn different things from the experts in diverse technical fields. There are different tracks available for the participants so that they can be a part of the program in the topics of their interest which includes Data Science and AI, IOT Cloud, Blockchain, AR and VR and Open innovation. 

Who can participate? 

  • Any high school student, undergraduate student, or graduate student age 16+ can participate
  • Anyone who has graduated within the last 12 months is still eligible to attend an MLH Member Event hackathon.

Why participate?

  • Participants will get to not only compete but enjoy and learn together. 
  • You can show your skills to build an amazing project and win wholesome prizes, gifts, swags, API Gifts, and cash rewards.
  • An excellent opportunity for you to gain considerable skills and expertise through collaborative engagement and brainstorming solution-oriented innovative solutions. 
  • Get access to proficient coaches, mentors, and trainers from around the world 
  • A great networking and learning opportunity for every participant.

Details of the event 

Date: 19 Feb to 21 Feb, 2021

Registration: Register Here

Registration Fee: FREE

Registration Deadline: 3 Feb 2021

For more information, visit KU HackFest 2021