Creating Employment through Floriculture



As per a survey carried out by the government, only 561 farmers across the country are involved in the commercial farming of flower. Making this problem as an opportunity to create local employment Dev Raj Kandel, Sadhana Panta and Thirendra Gadshila came up with a business idea called Krishima Yuva. Learn more about their start up through this interview.

  1. Kindly share your business idea with us. 

Our business idea is to cultivate flowers and sell them in the market. Dhangadhi is in Far-West part of Nepal and there flowers are not cultivated for commercial purpose.  We intend to cultivate and sell flowers to hotels and party palaces. Also youths from Dhangadi have to migrate to Gulf countries for employment opportunities and we want to motivate them to stay back and work in their own country. In the initial phase we will involve housewives who can give their free time in managing the nursery and marketing. Although we haven’t started our ventures yet, we are planning to get the seeds from a nursery and cultivate it in 3 Katta land which we intend to rent for 2-3 years.

  1. What social problem are you trying to address through your business idea?

We do not get sufficient flowers during special occasions as it’s not cultivated in this region. Hence, we aim to take up horticulture and supply the varieties in required amount at reasonable rates. This will decrease the cost of importing while giving employment to home makers and youth. We hope to eliminate the number of aspirant migrant workers and help them to contribute to our own economy. Our business will also contribute in promoting the tourism sector at Dhangadhi.

  1. What challenges might be faced while running the company?

Our first challenge might be marketing of our business. We might have to reach out to a lot of potential customers and to get them to make us their suppliers as they may already have fixed their wholesalers.  The second challenge is selling the flowers at the right time. Flowers have a short shelf life and they may not last long till we sell them all.

  1. Where will you use the fund if your business idea wins Yunus Social Business Challenge 2018?

We will use the money to buy of seeds for germination. We will use the money to pay to the workers who will be working with us on cultivation and finally part of the money will go towards renting the land where we will be cultivating our flowers.

You can reach Dev Raj Kandel at