Join Agri-Talks: The sixth Industrialisation


Agriculture and Technology is the latest talk in Nepal and more and more people are interested to invest time, effort and money in this sector. But, is it really worth it or is it just a fad? What are the policies that alleviate the problems related to this sector? The sixth The sixth Industrialisation is the convergence of the primary industry (agriculture production), secondary industry (processing and manufacturing) and tertiary industry (service sector). The sixth Industrialisation encourages the utilization of locally available natural resources, traditional technologies, people’s talents, and incorporation of history and culture.

King’s College is organizing Agri- Talks that will address the issues related to Sixth Industrialization- will it work in Nepal? What are the associated challenges with it? What are the roles of the government in the promotion of Sixth Industrialisation?

Where: King’s College, Bijuli bazar
When: December 8, 2019
Time: 3-5 PM
Free event*

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