Impact Collective, a 100% Community Driven Virtual Program for Startups!


Impact Collective is 100% Community Driven Virtual Program for entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact!! This is a global program selecting 100 startups in Asia and providing many various opportunities.

The program has 4 key elements:

Impact Collective Camp: A 2-day fully online immersive experience of networking, knowledge-sharing and community building. During the Camp, startup teams will be meeting their regional and industry sector peers, as well as experts and partners of the program, while onboarding onto an amazing community.

Office Hours: Industry and regional experts as well as social impact experts will help you formulate the best strategy for you to maximize social impacts and business outcomes.

Cross-border Launchbox​: The launchbox is a customized program for startups who want to go abroad. Their Regional Anchor Partners in each country will help you formulate your cross-border expansion strategy.

Community Activity: You will have fun and learn from each other during a series of curated activities. Their community consisting of people from all walks of life who care about social impacts will advocate for you throughout the program and even after the program.

Why you should APPLY?

  • Investments and Pilot Project Opportunities: Startups will have great exposure to various investment opportunities throughout the entire program.
  • Fast Track Investment Opportunity: Startups considered ready for immediate investment may be chosen to become part of the Fast Track, where startups receive investments without going through the entire program and competition.
  • No fee nor equity required to join the program. The terms will be shared by the time of investment decision.
  • Community-driven approach: Community-building, cohort establishment and networking will be a key focus during the entire program.
  • Inclusive Community-based Judging: People in the community will have influence over which startup receives investment.
  • Diverse expert group: Problem-solving on demand. About 100+ Experts from Business, Human skills, Product, Impact field will be readily accessible at all times.

Program Schedule

  • MAY 25th – AUG 20th
    Application Open
    Due Diligence
    Fast track Investment Starts
  • AUG 20 – 31th
    Participant Onboarding
  • SEP 1st
    Welcome Call
  • SEP 8 – 10th
    Impact Collective Camp
  • MID – NOV
    Regional Pitch
  • NOV 27th
    Final Pitch


Application: Apply Here

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