Webinar to Help You Validate Your Idea and Make it Better!

Source: World Innovation Forum

As a part of their 2020 Web Series, World Innovation Forum brings to you Idea Validation Webinar. This webinar will basically help you determine whether your idea is worth it and will also help you make so-so idea really great.

Topics that will be covered in the session 

  • Why the idea validation is such a critical measure
  • Best ways to validate your idea
  • Idea protection while sharing your idea
  • Preparing a prospects list
  • Interviews with smart question composition
  • Idea validation giving you super powers when looking for funding
  • Best ways to document your validation protocol
  • Preparation for fundraising later on

Details of the session 

Date: July 6, 2020

Time: 2:45 PM

Registration: Register Here

For more information, visit Idea Validation – WIForum Web Series 2020