Idea Pitching Competition for Aspirant Entrepreneur


“IDEA PITCHING COMPETITION” is an online contest to be held on the occasion of National Science Day 2077. It is organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) in collaboration with Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) and supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST), Nepal.

If you are an aspirant entrepreneur with an Innovative Business Idea and looking for a platform to pitch it. Then, participate and get a chance to pitch your ideas online to corporates, investors, industrials, and media in order to get potential investment, partnership, or exposure alongside cash prizes.

The theme for Idea Competition is: “Prospective Application of AI for developing Innovative and Business Ready Solutions”

Eligibility: +2 students (running) or above

Winner Prize: Cash Prize and investment and exposure

Idea Submission Deadline:
Bhadra 27, 2077 ( September 12, 2020)
Main Event: Ashoj 03, 2077 ( September 19, 2020)

Feel free to contact for any queries.
Call: Aashish K.C. (9860103464)