Idea Pitching Competition to solve Food Crisis


REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challange is an idea competition organized by Thought For Food® and Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists host an idea pitching Competition to address Food Crisis that has been seen in the world and in Nepal. Due to Covid-19, it has cause restrictions on the movements of people and transportation, factory closures for an unprecedented period of time which affected on availability and distribution of food and agricultural products with a potential hike on prices of raw materials and food.

This program is designed with a motive to sensitize young food technologists about their individual roles for combating food-related issues during and after COVID-19. The ideas should be on how you can contribute to being a food technologist to solve the problem food crisis devastated the food supply chain by ensuring food sustainability at the community level or national level.

It’s a 5-day program divided into 3 phase

  1. REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge: Idea Pitching (October 1and 2)
  2. REFT Webinar (October 3 and 4)
  3. REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge: Finale (October 10)

Idea Submission Deadline: September 25, 2020
Platform: Zoom

For more details visit Thought For Food Nepal
Contact Person: 9862218585, 982330440