How do you change the stereotypical Nepalese Education System?


Hello Readers! We often hear that education is a great equalizer, that it brings equality and gives equal opportunities to everyone but Sakar Pudasaini, founder of Karkhana doesn’t 100% agree on this. Huge investments that we make on attaining education falls short due to the traditional practices or systems we are following. But, it would be wrong to say that no efforts are being made to change pre-existing systems. Karkhana is one such enterprise that is giving new dimensions to learning and attaining knowledge. in collaboration with Ke Chha ta Podcast had an insightful conversation with Sakar Pudasaini on how Karkhana is solving the problems that are prevalent  in the field of education and here’s how: 

Designing Learning Experiences
“Hands are the gateways to the mind”, with this principle in the center, Karkhana is engaged in finding people, their potential and empowering them. Rather than the traditional theoretical learnings, Karkhana moves a step ahead and creates learning experiences for the learners. 

Breaking the Unrealistic Expectations
The parents and society at large have unrealistic expectations of what children can and should be able to do and what education should result in. Karkhana works on breaking those unrealistic visions that people have. There are things even Siri and Alexa don’t know!

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Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration
These 3Cs are what is missing in the Nepalese educational system and Karkhana has been designed in a way to impart education with these 3Cs- Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration at the core. It works on generating noble ideas and learnings from the children rather than spoon-feeding them.

Teacher Adoption
You can’t expect teachers to distribute additional learning materials that haul 15 minutes from their 45 minutes class session. So, Karkhana has been working in supporting teachers to teach in a way that they were never ever taught.  

Article by Trishna Shakya