Your Guide to Celebrating an Eco friendly Dashain


Dashain the most auspicious festival of Nepal which officially began with Ghatasthapana this Saturday. It’s the one time of the year when everyone puts everything aside and gets together to spend quality time. With all the new clothes, mouth-watering food, and the kites and colors everywhere, it is indeed a merry time all over the country.
However, over recent years, this auspicious day has turned into a massive burnt on the environment and local businesses. As the celebration spring into full glory, we hustle into shopping, spending and wasting more than we normally would. Roads are packed with people carrying fancy gifts, plastic, and food which increases waste and stress our environment.  Rather than goodness, there are signs of distress and anguish. So it is high time we make Dashain, in actual sense, happy, prosperous and merry.

Here are 5 ways that you can celebrate Dashain responsibly without downing your festive spirits.
1. Donate old items (or dispose of responsibly):
Festival call for deep cleaning including clearing out cupboards and cabinets to make space for new clothing and electronics. Donate the old clothes, electronics and other items instead of plainly discarding it. These items will simply move from your homes and will sit in the landfill for decades to come if not more.  You can donate old clothes to social enterprises like Revive and Miteri. Likewise, the recyclable wastes and e-wastes can be donated to, BW2V and Sab Ko Phone. 

2. Opt for Made in Nepal Clothes and Jewelry: Apart from family gatherings, Dashain is about shopping those trendy outfits that you have been checking out on Instagram and Pinterest. This Dashain buy clothes and accessories that are Made in Nepal too. These not only promote the Nepalese businesses and products but will definitely give you a sense of pride. Make heads turn this Dashain by wearing clothiers from Sabah Nepal, Danfe Works, and Shibori. Likewise, get those statement accessories too from Hatti and Himalayan Jewelry to match your outfit. Channel your inner Diva, wearing Made in Nepal clothing.

3. Choose Upcycle products for your Home Décor: Resort to recycled and upcycled furniture for your house rather than the normal furniture this Dashain. They not only add a unique and different touch to your house but are also affordable and sustainable. You can get the upcycled furniture from Tyre Treasures, Green Bamboo Creation, Dhaasoo and Metal Wood to upgrade your interiors! 

4. Level up your crockery game:
What is Dashain without gorging on our favorite sweets and delicious dinner with our loved ones? This Dashain, resist buying expensive crockery, instead go for biodegradable and chemical-free Leaf plates from Leafplus. Not only will your guests appreciate your revolutionary tableware but also the benefits and perks that the chemical-free, disposable crockery have to offer. Go ahead and start a trend.

5. Go Organic :
On Dashain, we reunite with our relatives, friends, and families and express our happiness by exchanging gifts and sweets. Go organic this Dashain by gifting organic gifts to your friends, family, relatives and yourself. There are a number of options available in the market; you can gift organic soaps and creams from Koseli.Earth, organic teas, spices, coffee from Ashapuri Organic Farm and JUAS. Likewise, use organic fruits and vegetables to make delicious and mouthwatering cuisine instead of using artificially and chemically produced ones.

It is high time that we all recognize the mess that we have created and prepare a roadway by which we can make a healthy and environmentally balanced world. The theme of “Green and Responsible World” is spreading all over the globe and it’s our responsibility as well to maintain a better, safe and sustainable society for ourselves and the coming generation.

Tell us how you are celebrating your Dashain without burdening the environment in the comments section.

Article by Trishna Shakya