Global Youth Dialogue


Global Youth Dialogue is an online space for students from various countries to have 1-on-1 or group conversations through video chat. The participants will have conversations and foster relationships with each other through 1hour video calls for 5 days.

1. You can learn first hand about your buddy’s country, daily life, and their way of thinking.
2. You can connect with people overseas using English.
3. Even if you don’t have a certain topic in mind, you can coincidentally learn and realize new
things from your buddies.
4. You can talk with people of the same age from countries you wouldn’t normally get to know.
5. You can enjoy conversations in an environment where
a. It is acceptable to talk about sensitive topics
b. It is easy to talk because topics are provided
c. You will not be evaluated by anyone, like in an exam or interview.
6. You have no time limit. You are free to fully explore and expand your conversations in depth

Event Detail:

  • Date: August 6- August 10
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