Nomination Call for Global Best Entrepreneur Award III


Global Best Entrepreneur Award is hosted to award and give recognization to the best entrepreneur in different categories. The organizer of the award call nomination for
Global Best Entrepreneurs Award III. You get a chance to pitch at Lion’s Den- Pitch Your Idea to The Investors and also get connected to RSTC Investment Hub all over the world to network your business! Connect with the Biggest Entrepreneurs Award and gain your exposure to the market of global region and Media Reach on the Global region.

Criteria to be eligible to receive an award is:

  • The nominee must be an owner or founder who is primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company, the company has to be based in GLOBAL REGION.
  • If it is a publicly held company, the nominee must be an active member of top management.
  • Your company must be at least six months old and must have an audited financial statement if completed in the first year of operations.
To Apply for nominations please do use the form link at
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