Get sustainable furniture from Nepali companies (And show them off to relatives)


Dashain is all about leaving behind all the negativities in life and welcoming positivity and prosperity. It’s about new beginnings and sharing happiness with people you love the most. Besides that, it’s also about shopping. It’s about getting new, interesting and unique stuff to decorate your home with. So, why not do it this time with sustainable furnishings from social enterprises?
To help you save time on looking for these companies, we have made a list of four amazing social businesses that promote sustainability and benefits the society in one way or the other.

1. Tyre Treasures
Realizing the amount of pollution that tyres create in the environment when they are burned after reaching maturity and a way to solve this problem, Ojaswi Baidya, along with her friend came up with the idea of upcycling Tyres. This idea has now taken the form of a company- Tyre Treasures, which as its name suggests, makes beautiful furniture out of discarded tyres. Currently, their product line includes Dhukuti, FC- Outdoor Edition, Full Circle Table, SirJayanthi, Tiki Jhya, Tommy’s Turf, Treasure Garden and Twinkle Lights. Get one of these amazing designs for your home this Dashain!

2. Green Bamboo Creation
Bamboo is one of the cash crops that grow in high numbers in Nepal. Along with that, bamboo is easy to grow to require less attention and less water to sustain. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and can be easily carried around all the while having great strength. Seeing these many benefits, Pranab Pradhan decided to build a business around this amazing crop by manufacturing eco-friendly and aesthetic furniture. Plus point: they’re easy to dismantle and redesign to something new once you get tired of the same design.

3. Dhaasso
If you’re into limited pieces of unique upcycled goods then Dhaasso is your go-to place. You’ll find World War II Gasoline Can with a mark of British Gorkha Nepal 1950, first-generation I-pad, a black and white TV, and so much more there. Focusing on three major areas namely- Reuse, Upcycle and Create, Nitesh Sharma, who is the founder of Dhaasso offers you meticulously crafted upcycled goods based on their designs and even takes customized orders. So, hurry! Order them your designs now!

4. Metal Wood
Giving us the best of the wood products and special designs, Metalwood Nepal is the modern era handmade wood manufacturing company. It is a design studio and workshop run by four people focused on working on architecture, interior design and furniture making. We suggest you check out their website to explore their modern designs that have traditional Nepali names.

5.     Funky Monk’s bean bags
Funky Monks produces comfortable beanbags with impeccable craftsmanship that can be categorized as modern furniture. Initiated by Ankita Shrestha and Ajay Shrestha as an academic project and later turned into a full-fledged business, Funky Monk’s bean bags not only offers comfortable furniture to people but also employs women in the process. Moreover, if you believe in empowering women and promoting social businesses then a bean bag from Funky Monk’s should be decorating your home this Dashain.

Getting sustainable things to decorate your homes is the new cool. Don’t trust us? Find out what most exemplary people in the world are doing.

Article by Yangzum Lama.