Goyal Group Nepal will be Funding Ideas and Initiations by Entrepreneur!!

Source: Goyal Group Nepal

Entrepreneurs are those that take the risk and embrace the uncertainty to solve problems brought by the change. They makes lives of people easier through their innovative products and services. But the major concerns for these unsung heroes is the finances. An innovative idea can help people and society only when it is commercialized and commercialization needs funds.

Hence with the motive of promoting the initiatives and ideas of entrepreneurs, Goyal Group Nepal has initiated a project called Together for Nepal, where they will be funding all the ideas and initiation working towards tackling the problems brought in by Covid-19.

How to Apply?

1. Prepare a document including following details:

  • Your project/startup idea
  • Detailed Business Plan
  • Explanation of how the business will aid social development
  • Entrepreneur’s background and qualifications

2. Email your document to togetherfornepal@nullgoyalgroup.co along with the CV.

For more information, visit Goyal Group Nepal 

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