Webinar on Tackling Food Problems in Nepal


Nepal has 30 lakh hectares of fertile land; 3.8 million Families are engaged in agriculture, yet we still rely on food imports. In Nepal the imported agricultural goods was worth more than Rs 220 billion last fiscal year. With the breakdown in the supply chain, and increasing reliance on imports, prices of daily essentials have already begun to rise in the market. Nepal imported vegetables worth Rs 4 billion during the period of this lockdown. Meanwhile food produced by farmers in other parts of Nepal go  wasted due to absence of market. Disruptions in the supply of farming inputs like fertilizers are certain to impact food production. The travel restrictions keeping farmers at home could result in a year of hyperinflation leading to a food crisis.

This situation has compelled us to  focus on the problems surrounding agriculture and food  security in Nepal. Hence, Foodathon #HacktheHunger, Sustainability Week Kathmandu, ITS Nepal, Ensemble For Bachelors, Empowering Youth in Sustainable Agriculture, AIESEC Nepal and YOUTH CAN are hosting a webinar to discuss the problem surrounding food in Nepal can be changed.

The guests for the sessions include Ms. Samita Kapali, Co-Founder of Green Growth and Er. Ravi Chandra Koirala, PhD Researcher, University of the West of Scotland.

Details of  the session

Date: June 2, 2020 Tuesday

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration: Register Here before 3:30 PM on Tuesday

Meeting ID: Here 

For more information, visit Leadership Mirror: Hack the Hunger Vol I