Mentorship to Help Women Entrepreneurs


Cherie Blair Foundation has launched its flagship Mentoring Women in Business Program. The goal of the program is to connect women entrepreneurs mentees in low and middle-income countries with experienced, dedicated professional mentors in any country.  The program will be for a year-long, cross-border, online mentoring relationship helping the women entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and build their wealth, independence and security.

Why be a part of it?

  • It enables women entrepreneurs to increase the revenue and profits of their businesses, create jobs, and become pioneering leaders, change-makers, and role models in their communities.
  • Gives access to business knowledge, supporting new skills, confidence-building, and creating and developing networks.
  • Among 2020 graduating mentees, 100% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the program, 96% learned new strategy skills, 88% in marketing, 89% in personnel management, 79% in product/service development, and 67% in sales.


Phase 1: Building rapport between the mentor and the mentee

Phase 2: Setting up the direction for the mentoring relationships while setting SMART goals.

Phase 3: Working through the action plan

Phase 4: Reflection on what was learned and achieved through the program

The applications from potential mentees and mentors for the May intake are now open which will be closing on 23 April.

For more information, check their website.

Apply now at this link.

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