Webinar on Equity Dilution- Creating a Fair and Optimal Capital Structure!


In the last workshop of She Loves Tech webinar series, Caterina Meloni, founder of Connecting Founders, will introduce you to the concept of equity dilution.

What is Equity Dilution?

By definition, equity dilution reduces the founder’s ownership stakes in his or her company as he or she raises money from investors. The broad concept is natural and easy to digest, yet the important question is ‘how much of the ownership should I give up for X amount of fund?’. If the investor gives my company $5 million for 20% ownership, what does the investor imply my company’s value is and what will be the effect on my own return

Register for the session to learn all these and ways to set up an optimal capital structure that is fair and appropriate to each entrepreneur’s needs. In the session you will get insights on:

– Types of entrepreneurs
– Dilution calculator
– Dilution waterfall analysis
– Alternatives to equity funding
– Template to set up an optimal capital structure

Details of the session 

Date: September 17,2020

Time: 14:45 UTC+05:45-15:45 UTC+05:45

Registration: Register Here

For more information,visit Free Workshop: Dealing with Dilution – Creating a Fair and Optimal Capital Structure