Entrepreneurship Webinar by Mustard Seed Foundation


Mustard Seed Foundation is conducting a webinar on entrepreneurship targeted at young people so that they can make effective career and life choices. Entrepreneurship is on an increasing trend everywhere across the globe and hence is a popular career choice among the youth. But it is introduced at a later stage of life and is often presented to people as a solution to unemployment. Realizing this fact, the foundation is conducting a webinar for planting the roots of entrepreneurship at an early age.

The organization believes that entrepreneurship should receive more exposure and recognition as it contributes to the economy greatly. The webinar is also the outcome of the realization that young people usually attain those skills and knowledge which makes them fall largely under the unemployment statistic. The event will conduct different business talks, empowerment talks, networking, and business skills sessions for attaining the motive.

The event is happening on August 14 at 12:00 PM (GMT+2) virtually.

For more details check out this link.