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The ability to understand and manage your own emotions or feelings enables you to have effective communication and conflict management in your workspace. Being emotionally aware will help you to manage yourself and understand what motivates your team to quantify team-performance and productivity.

Kings College Online brings to you a self-reflective ‘Emotional Intelligence Mindset’ online course to improve your emotional intelligence skills that would contribute to building stronger and meaningful relationships with other professionals. The course will be facilitated by Sagar Satyal, co-founder of My Emotions Matter.

Who it is for?
This course is designed to help working professionals who rely on people management to be effective in their roles. Individuals who lead teams in their organizations and are interested in developing the mindset and supporting skills to nurture positive relationships both in their personal and professional lives will benefit from the course.

What you will learn?

  • Understand the causes and consequences of the two mindsets with which we approach our interpersonal relationships
  • Apply frameworks that help support and sustain the right mindset in understanding, managing, and expressing our emotions
  • Enhanced self-awareness to support growth in personal and professional life

Details of the course

Starts: July 20, 2020
Number of Sessions: 5
Total Hours: 10
Timings: Monday mornings from 6:45 am to 8:45 am NPT

Interested? Apply Here

Application Deadline: July 17, 2020 (Friday)

For more information, visit Emotional Intelligence Mindset