Treat yourself with eco-friendly items from these Nepali Companies


The festival of lights is around the corner and that means you get to relax, wind up and be merry with family and friends. It means you get to splurge on great items at discounted prices and different offers. How about we promote eco-friendly items this time?

Here we have listed four Nepali companies that offer eco-friendly accessories and more. They not only promote eco-friendly products but also help in women empowerment, education, waste management and solve many other societal issues. 

Check them out!

1. Jamarko

Started in 2001 by two sisters Aruna Lacoul and Muna Shrestha, Jamarko, meaning “effort” in Nepali,  is their effort to spread awareness and conserve the environment by recycling paper. Accordingly, Jamarko offers products made from recycled paper and Lokta paper which are both sustainable and renewable source for papermaking. 

If you look at their products online, you’ll see notebooks with pretty and eye catching designs that you just want to get for yourself already. That’s why we suggest you invest on these eco-friendly products right away. 

2. Maya ko Chino

Maya ko Chino is a cute little store located at Jhamshikhel that sells affordable and   locally made planters, crocheted toys, jewelry and hand made crafts. Started by Malika Shrestha, a professional trekking guide, to sell her mother’s unique crochet creations,  the store now promotes products with a social cause. So if you’re looking to get yourself or your loved ones gifts this Tihar, then Maya ko Chino is the right place for you. 

3. Himalayan Jewelry

Initiated to empower women from remote areas of Nepal, Himalayan Jewelry makes fine jewelry that is both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. Furthermore, this company is dedicated to train and uplift women to make them stand on their own. So, join their cause by getting beautiful accessories from Himalayan Jewelry and styling them with your Tihar outfit.

4. Revive

Revive was conceptualized to revolutionize the fabric industry and to promote recycling and upycling concept in Nepal. In that, this company collects used and discarded fabric and uses them to make laptop bags, shoulder bags and other eco-friendly items for daily use. If you’re keen on reducing fabric waste and joining their revolution then get one of their bags right away instead of spending thousands on a branded bag. 

We’ve done our part by spreading the word. Now, it’s your turn to choose eco-friendly Nepal made products over imported goods. 

Article by Yangzum Lama