Uncover the Growth of E-Commerce After COVID-19 In Nepal


COVID-19 has affected almost all the business. But there are few businesses that seem to find opportunities in this tough situation. One of the industries that seem growing in this lockdown is the E-Commerce sector. Apex Talks hosts an event “Growth of E-commerce after Covid-19 in Nepal” with Mr. Gyanendra Khadka.

The key speaker of the session Speaker is Mr. Gyanendra Khadka, Founder & CEO of Gyapu Marketplace. He has been featured on Forbes, Business360, Bitcoin Early adopter, invested in over 25 startups, XcelTrip, XcelToken, XcelPay Wallet, XcelLab, is a well-known self-made serial entrepreneur, an inspiring venture capitalist.

Moderator: Mr. Shankar Shrestha, MBA, APEX COLLEGE

Session Detail:

Date: 21 August 2020

Time : 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Watch the live session here

Know about the rules and regulations governing E-commerce in Nepal here!!

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