Getting new Electronics this Dashain? Dump your e-waste here


There isn’t much talk about the pollution caused by electronics and electronic waste like the daily talks on air, land and water pollution. But this doesn’t mean that the pollution from e-waste isn’t hazardous. Like any other pollution, it too negatively impacts the health, the environment, and our surroundings. So take an initiative this Dashain to recycle your e-wastes rather than dumping the e-waste on landfills.

Not sure where to begin? To make it trouble-free and convenient, we have made a list of 4 social enterprises where you can actually dump your e-wastes without vandalizing the environment.

Blue Waste to Value is a social enterprise where you can create value from the waste generated this Dashain. You can either gift your e-waste and barter with repaired devices or sell your e-waste, whichever you feel is feasible. You can contribute your E-waste to BW2V as a part of your social responsibility towards the environment. They manage the e-waste in an environment-friendly way.

Address: Lal Durbar, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Pick up form: Scheduling a pick up
Contact Number: 01-4240522/ 9813806667
Facebook: @bluewastetovalue
Instagram: @bluewastetovalue

2. Khaalisisi
Do we even have to tell you what Khaalisisi is? This revolutionary social enterprise has already brought a lot of changes in the way the waste is managed. At Khaalisisi, founded by Ayushi KC, you actually get to sell those old and passé electronics or you can simply donate them. The interesting part is that every month 10% of the profit from the sale of donated recycles goes to welfare of Khaalisisi friends and their family. Either way you are passing on good Karma in the auspicious occasion of Dashain!! Isn’t it 500% better than dumping the waste on the landfills? Moreover, the Khaalisisi Friends will be at your doorstep, all you have to do is fill out a form and be in touch with them.

Form: Fill the form
Contact Number: 014426147/ 9869079510
Address: Chandol, Bansidhar marg, Near Central Park Apartment
Facebook: @khaalisisi
Instagram: @khalisisi

3. Doko Recyclers 
Thinking of replacing your old computer with a brand new one? But not sure what to do with the old one? Doko Recyclers is here to rescue! Doko Recyclers has been working in the area of waste management for almost three years now and its accepts all your old useless televisions, speakers, office equipment and mobile phones. Moreover, they are the first digital waste pickup platform for households. So you can enjoy a scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up with on the spot payment for your e-wastes. Make recycling habit by using their services!

Address: Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Contact Number: 9802071515

4. Sab Ko Phone
What to move to a new smartphone model this Dashain? Confused about what to do with your old one? You can simply sell it. Yes, you read that right! You can actually sell your phone, the old and passé one to Sab ko Phone, which will if possible repair it and sell it to another customer. Sab ko phone works with the aim of expanding the lives of as many phones as possible but if the phone is unrepairable, the useless parts is recycled in the most environmentally friendly and innovative manner. Get in touch with Sab Ko Phone, sell your old phone and have a Green and e-waste free Dashain.

Address: Sanepa-2, Lalitpur
Contact Number: 01-5520575/ 9851224784
Facebook: @SabKoPhone
Instagram: @sabkophone

Let’s make the most of the convenient and useful services around us this Dashain and take a step in conserving and protecting OUR environment. Because it’s not too late to be responsible!

Article by Yangzum Lama.