Dublin Tech Summit Happening on 17 June


Dublin Tech Summit is a virtual event targeted at business leaders and tech enthusiasts from all across the globe. It is labeled as Europe’s fastest-growing tech conference. The summit will bring together the most influential tech and business leaders from all parts of the world. It is a one-day event with about 5000 delegates, 100 plus speakers, and 50 partners. The event will also have experts from over 70 countries for sharing their knowledge, ideas, experiences.

The main highlight of the event is debate on the latest trends and networking opportunities all just from a live virtual event space. The event is also a learning opportunity for individuals to learn more about the diversity in tech and how to use them in bringing global change. The one-day event can be the gateway to scaling up your startup business.

The event is happening on 17th June 2021.

For registration and more details on the event check out the link here.